Termite Control in Wooden Buildings

Essentially, termite control is most often done with the use of chemicals. The chemical manufacturing companies have developed all sorts of eco-friendly chemicals that can help with termite control. Most of these chemicals are not harmful to humans and are extremely effective when it comes to eradicating a termite problem both before and after it starts.
There are lots of ways that you can approach termite control, however. If you are concerned about the effects of chemicals on our environment, then you might want to consider a green approach to termite control. That means you will have to remove any possible food sources for these foraging pests that can take over your home and eradicate the wood before you even know it is happening.
One study done in 2005 has shown some promise that the sap of the sugar pine tree could be one of the great termite deterrents that you can use. This study showed that the typical termite was disgusted by the sap of the sugar pine making it an advancement in natural termite deterrents like no one has been able to find as of yet. In Australia, any wood part of the termite-resistant Cyprus pine is a great deterrent.
The sad reality is that termites are amazingly resilient creatures. They look for a source of food and then are relentless in their pursuit of a feast for not only themselves but for the rest of their colony as well. They aren’t especially picky in what they eat as long as it is damp, dank, wet, and stinky. Oh, yes, and it should be made of wood or a wood product as well. What is frustrating to pest control experts is the lack of effective termite deterrents that aren’t chemical in nature.
As a society, we are tending toward “green” products in order to combat global warming and saving the ozone layer thus preserving the Earth from all of the man-made damaging agents we are introducing into the atmosphere. Termite deterrents that are not chemical are few and far between, however, which is frustrating for entomologists and scientists alike.
Famed humorist Ogden Nash is well known for his hilarious short poetry and sharp witticisms on human life. While he hasn’t written many poems to the termite, he did write one that has been studied by students in many grades and evaluated for its social relevance as well as humorous quality. His poem “The Termite” is as follows:

Some primal termite knocked on wood
And tasted it, and found it good!
And that is why your Cousin May
Fell through the parlor floor today.

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